DCAA Audit Backlog Has Been Reduced!

DCAA Compliance News

August 13, 2018

The latest DCAA Annual Report to Congress states that the Audit Backlog has been reduced.

How may the New Audit Model Affect You?

Congress has been pressuring the DCAA to close the audit backlog and the DCAA has complied!  In the words of Anita Bales, the DCAA Director, “Incurred cost audits continued to be a top priority last year, and our workforce did an outstanding job reducing the backlog to an average of 14.3 months.  We are on track to eliminate backlogs by the close of FY 2018”.  Other reports have stated the DCAA’s goal of eliminating all ICE proposal audit backlogs by October 1, 2020.  The agency also plans to introduce private audit firms to assist starting in April of 2019.

We expect that the Incurred Cost Audit Procedure may, indeed, change over the next several years.  We expect ICE proposals to be processed faster and we expect a learning curve for private auditors.  These changes signal all the more diligence in audit preparation and general business system reporting.

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