The FAR Smart Matrix Provides Interactive Access To Contractor Requirements And Clauses

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December 8, 2020

The FAR Smart Matrix Provides Interactive Access to Contractor Requirements and Clauses

The Kline team is always here to provide support when you have federal contractor accounting questions. It’s what we do! Since all federal contractors are responsible for knowing the details of the FAR as they pertain to all contractors,

We would like to inform you of a new interactive tool from the people at Using the on-line FAR Smart Matrix Table you can easily find detailed definitions. Explanations, and related FAR clauses and provisions.

Let’s say you were looking for clarity regarding desired or required time of delivery for a fixed price R&D contract. Of course, you could type 52.211-9 directly into the tool’s search bar, but very few contracts memorize the FAR. Alternatively, using the form on the tool’s access page, found at .

You will also find a handy feature for browsing the FAR directly. Check out the FAR Smart Matrix video tutorial and start having more fun with the FAR!

The site is a great resource for the federal contractor. Explore the Procurement Forecasts tab to research planned procurements from the Department of Defense!

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