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DCAA Case Studies

Title: Klines DCAA Accounting Services Allow FTL Labs to Focus on R & D

FTL Labs Corporation is an engineering and product development company made up of a tight-knit association of Ph.D. scientists and seasoned engineers. FTL believes that innovation springs from the meeting of different disciplines, which is why they value cultivating a staff with wide-ranging expertise and a collaborative work style. This enables FTL to specialize in moving innovative concepts through proof-of-concept testing with an eye always on customer development. Where there is no suitable solution or product on the market, FTL Labs Corporation finds a way!

Kline Provides DCAA Accounting To Those Who Train The WarFighters

Arrow Security & Training LLC (AST) is a privately owned training company with corporate headquarters in New Hampshire and satellite offices in Virginia and North Carolina. Among AST’s greatest assets is their solid reputation built on trust and proven performance. They have established outstanding, long-term relationships with current and past customers from the Department of Homeland Security, Department of Defense, Department of State, Department of the Interior, and other departments that serve the U. S. Government. This enhanced access has allowed the company to establish superior relationships with their clients, who serve our national interests.

Interview with Fred Kline on Celebrating 25 years in business

A look back at 25 years, and a look ahead!

Confidence in Accounting Systems at Gemedy Continues to Grow

Amplify Your Intelligence

Gemedy builds intelligent software and systems to address the most demanding computational, physical, and social challenges of our times. In the words of Alex Wissner-Gross, co-founder of Gemedy, “We build software for artificial intelligence applications for a wide ranging group of applications. We strive to humanize the interaction of various applications for our clients.” Alex WissnerGross applies science and engineering principles to big (and diverse) questions, like: "What is the equation for intelligence?" and "What's the best way to raise awareness about climate change?" He addresses a new equation for intelligence in his Ted Talk. Join the more than 2 million viewers, found at

Safety Net Solutions Achieves High Marks for DCAA Compliance

Growth brings new opportunities and new challenges. As a growing small business enterprise, the company was faced with new methods of managing the financial side of things, amongst which was the move from fixed price contracts to cost reimbursable contracts. As the federal contracts business grew, so did the reporting requirement and the need for meeting the government’s DCAA compliance.

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