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As a federal contractor you demand and deserve trustworthy, professional accounting services to ensure your DCAA Compliance, as well as to prepare your company's tax filings. At Kline & Company, we believe that your federally required accounting system and reporting are too important to risk on less than expert services.

When it comes to DCAA Compliance, we offer a track record of performance that is unmatched in the business sectors we serve. We work with you every step of the way to help you ensure your accounting system, policies and procedures, and submissions are accurate and timely. Whether you are looking for specific a la carte accounting services, or are seeking a full portfolio of accounting (what our clients call "one stop shopping"), you will find that Kline & Company offers exactly what you need for your business.

Discover the Kline Difference

Count on Kline for delivering exceptional value in accounting services. Celebrating 25 years in specialized accounting, and growing each year, our regional and national clients keep telling us we're doing something right. We go beyond compliance, with the intangibles that you'll appreciate, to take you to the next level of accounting services, because you deserve exceptional care and attention.

You work hard to keep the government happy. We understand the journey you are on. Let's go on a new journey together, for your peace of mind, and for the professional accounting services that ensure your profit margin goals are preserved.

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Our 25th Anniversary
Kline & Company is Nashua's #1 Accounting Firm as voted by the general public.  We always work hard to maintain this distinction by providing excellent service to our many clients in New England and throughout the United States.

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DCAA Compliant Accounting system for Government Contracting

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Kline & Company Chief Operating Officer Sheree DeFeo reviews the requirements of an accounting system in order for it to be DCAA Compliant.

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