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Fred J. Kline, MBA, CPA
Jessica A. Ciaccio, Office Manager
Sheree M. DeFeo, MBA, Chief Operating Officer
Paul G. Grummett, MST, CPA
Malcolm D. Young, Federal Government Accounting Specialist
Maria C. Rocco, Government Staff Accountant
Linda S. Aintablian, MBA, MST
Stephanie P. Pappas, Government Staff Accountant
Donna T. Comeau, EA
Lucia M. DeFelice
Laura B. Ilsley, CPA
Christopher P. Auriemma

Sheree M. DeFeo, MBA, Chief Operating Officer

Sheree M. DeFeo, MBA, Chief Operating Officer

Sheree DeFeo Joins National Defense Industrial Association

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Team Member since June 2006

Sheree's responsibilities include full oversight of the Federal Government Contractor support team as well as the accounting and tax team members. She possesses significant experience in supporting the accounting, tax and government requirements of our Federal Government Contractor clients. Sheree provides in-depth education to Government Contractors on the establishment of a Chart of Accounts, the recording of expenses to appropriate direct and indirect pools and the establishing of appropriate policies and procedures. Sheree holds her undergraduate degree in finance and accounting from Dundalk Institute of Technology (Ireland) and an MBA from Rivier University.

I have achieved what at first I thought was unattainable. I have found balance between my two worlds, as a mother and career woman. My career affords me the opportunities to engage in some of the most intriguing, exciting work I could ever imagine. I get to interact with an amazing and diverse group of people. My personal role as a mother and wife is my most important identity. I am home for dinner each night, I participate in my children's extra-curricular activities and most importantly, my family feels and knows it. This balance is attainable, you just have to say, “I want this”

-Sheree DeFeo