Basic Accounting For Federal Contractors

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July 11, 2018

Basic Accounting for Federal Contractors

Thursday, July 26, 2018   9:00 AM to NOON

Location:  Manchester Community College

                 1066 Front Street
                 Manchester, NH  03102


This workshop is presented by Kline & Company CPA, PC of Nashua, New Hampshire. The Kline firm has a strong specialty practice in accounting within the context of Federal contracting and subcontracting.

Attendees will get a basic foundation in the accounting requirements for companies working directly or indirectly for the Federal government.  Particular attention will be given to recordkeeping needs and requirements that may be unique to Federal contracts.

This workshop is aimed toward new entrants into government contracting and subcontracting and existing government contractors regardless of the type(s) of contract(s) you have.

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