Federal Government Contractor Guidance

Preparing for a DCAA Audit

Contracting with the Federal Government makes your accounting records subject to audit. 

There are numerous types of audits that the Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) perform but the majority of audits can be divided between the period before the contract award and the period after the award.

Before a contract award, the DCAA may be tasked with:

After a contract award, the DCAA may be tasked with:

The very large contractors are subject to further audits such as:

Adequate preparation for a DCAA Audit will help to produce beneficial results for a Contractor and for all company personnel involved in this process.

The audit process will be less stressful if your company has its "house in order". Hopefully, adequate controls and procedures are in place to catch most errors. Being prepared for the audit will greatly increase the likelihood of a successful audit outcome.

The following bullets will help prepare you for the audit:

Kline & Company is available to represent you at the DCAA audit or help you prepare for your
audit experience.

This article was authored by Mac Young of Kline & Company for the purpose of providing guidance to our existing and potential clients.

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